Application Overview

If you want to learn more about the application portal without creating an account, please refer to this page!

The application is broken into six steps:

  1. Form
  2. Support Material
  3. Images 1 to 5
  4. Images 6 to 10
  5. Images 11 to 15
  6. Checklist & Submission

The six steps are explained in more detail below.

1- Application Form

In the Application Form, candidates are expected to provide their full name, mailing address, phone number and preferred language of communication.

In addition, candidates have to provide information about their MFA Program, how far along they are in their graduate studies, as well as the name and contact information of the person who will provide their reference letter.

(More information on the Letter of Reference is provided in the second step of the application.)

2- Support Material

In the Support Material section, candidates have to include a brief Artist Statement (maximum 2000 characters, around 300 words) that outlines key aspects of their current artistic production. In addition, they should include a plan on how they use the Plaskett Award to develop their artistic practice (maximum 2000 characters, around 300 words). Finally, candidates are expected to submit their artist resume (maximum 3 pages, PDF format).

In addition, candidates are expected a letter of confirmation detailing their current MFA status (which is different from the letter of reference detailed below). Candidates accepted into their MFA program should include a copy of their letter of acceptance. Candidates currently doing their MFA should provide their latest transcript, or an official letter from their university registrar, program chair, or MFA advisor.

Finally, the Letter of Reference should be sent to the Joe Plaskett Foundation directly by their referee, on official letterhead and from their institutional/professional email address. The Support Material form, as well as the Reference Letter Guidelines, include all the necessary information.

3/4/5 – Images

Candidates are expected to submit 15 images of recent work (made in the last three years). In addition to photographs of recent works, the 15 photographs should also include:

  • General views (in a studio or gallery space), to show the scale of your work and how it relates to space;
  • Detail/close-up views that show the painting materiality.

How the 15 photographs are divided into artwork/general/detail views is up to each candidate.

In addition, the following information is required for each photograph: title, date, materials, and dimensions.

6 – Checklist & Submission

Once all the previous steps are complete, the “Checklist & Submission” step must be completed to finalize the application. It requires each candidate to agree to the following:

  • That the information is accurate and complete;
  • That they fit the Criteria of Eligibility;
  • That they agree to carry out the obligations of the award, which includes:
    • That they will take part in a professional photography session for publicity purposes;
    • That they will attend an event planned to showcase the Plaskett Award recipient;
    • That they will provide a testimonial and photographs of their time abroad.

Once the application is submitted, it is no longer possible to change information.

All completed applications will be processed; if any information is unclear or incomplete, they will be contacted by email or phone to provide additional details. Once the application has been processed (including the reference letter), a confirmation message is sent to every candidate by email.


If you have any questions, please contact us by email at