The Plaskett Award

The Joe Plaskett Foundation was established in 2004 by the artist Joseph Plaskett (1918 – 2014) to facilitate the selection of a recipient for the Plaskett Award. Starting in 2023, the Plaskett Award will be a biennial award of $65,000. The proceeds are to be used to help fund an emerging Canadian painter to live, create artwork and/or travel for one year.

The candidate chosen for the Plaskett Award will be an outstanding emerging Canadian artist in the field of painting. In addition, candidates must meet the requirements outlined in the application process.

When the foundation was established in 2004, Mr. Plaskett said:

“I created this award in emulation of what Emily Carr did for me in 1946. I would like young Canadian artists to enjoy the privileges I experienced more than a half century ago. Europe and, above all, France, have left me richer in knowledge and experience. Although things have changed a great deal since I first travelled and studied abroad, the lesson of Europe and it’s past is always waiting for those ready to learn.”

Joseph Plaskett died in 2014, in Suffolk, England, where he resided for the final 14 years of his life. Before that, he lived in Paris, having moved there in 1957. Joseph conceived of and financed the Plaskett Award because he wanted other young artists to see, study and experience the art of Europe as he had. European art and culture enriched his painting practice and artistic growth. Joseph believed that every artist should have the opportunity to enjoy and learn from the riches of Europe.

However, given our diverse applicant pool and to provide additional flexibility relevant to today’s artists, the Board of Directors of the Foundation has now made the Award also available to applicants wishing to include overseas experiences beyond Europe and the U.K., which provide the opportunity for equally valuable and unique artistic experiences. It is our belief that, notwithstanding Joseph’s strong attachment to Europe and the U.K., he would be supportive of this modification to the Award parameters.